Electric Bicycles

Electric bikes, also known as electric cycles, motorized bikes, electric scooters or simply e-bikes, are driven electrically using an electric motor which draws power from an on-board battery. They come in all sizes and shapes and generally have speeds from 16 to 30 miles per hour. Depending on the size, carrying capacity, speed, endurance in miles travelled on full charge etc., the cost varies from as low as $200 and goes up to $1000 or more. In many countries their status is not that of motor vehicles, but almost at par with a bicycle. This is reflected in the laws regarding their production, certification, ownership, driving licenses etc. which are akin to cycles and not like those of motor vehicles. Notwithstanding this, many countries such as China, India and many European countries encourage their use due to some positive effects they have.

They are generically environment friendly since they do not suffer from any toxic emissions like motor vehicles. They also save expenses on petroleum which is becoming costlier every year, thus saving foreign exchange for several countries that are forced to import oil from OPEC countries. They are almost silent and do not cause noise pollution further saving people and environment. They are known to have health benefits for persons with cardiac disorders. They are relatively more secure as they cannot be moved once the electric switch is turned into OFF position. It is therefore, small wonder that many countries such as Australia, Canada, European Union, New Zealand and USA are encouraging their use.

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